Currently Under Construction

White Rock Avenue

In May 2017, Habitat Waukesha kicked off a new neighborhood revitalization project on the blocks of White Rock Ave between Frame Park and Downtown Waukesha. This blighted area has been in need of some TLC for a long time, as most of the 32 residential properties are close to 100 years old or older. Many have fallen into disrepair as renters have cycled in and out of these houses for years.


white rock plan


Over the next two years, Habitat Waukesha partner families and volunteers will build or rehab at least ten properties on this "Gateway to Downtown Waukesha." The houses will match the characteristics of the neighborhood with two stories, pitched roofs and front porches. The houses will be new but will look like they fit there. Most importantly, ten families will experience stability and self-reliance by becoming home owners.








Ryan Street

Ryan before Ryan under construction

Habitat removed a blighted property and is building two new homes to transform this quiet street into a lovely little neighborhood.



Recently Completed

Bethesda Court Duplex

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This duplex was the last home to be completed in the Dunbar Oaks neighborhood revitalization. The site of the former YWCA now houses 14 families, including 35 children. The home was dedicated in February 2017 to homeowners Irene and Brigette.


Wilson Street

Wilson Before wilson completed


This 1918 house was in need of a facelift - inside and out! The house had the original electrical wiring and the floor plan was not convienent for the family of five who will be living there. Habitat moved the stairway and added a bedroom to the second floor. The home was dedicated in June 2017 to Josh and Deborah, and their family.