Frequently Asked Questions About Habitat Homes


Does Habitat give away its homes?



Habitat believes in a giving hand up, not a hand out. Habitat partner families buy their homes at an affordable cost, with an affordable mortgage. They also receive support from Habitat throughout the course of their mortgage to ensure timely payments.

How do I qualify for a Habitat home?

Habitat considers a variety of factors when choosing its partner families, primarily a family's need for housing, ability to repay, and willingness to partner.


Visit  HOW TO QUALIFY for more information on how to apply.

Do I have to be a Christian to become a Habitat homeowner?

No. Habitat for Humanity was founded as and still is a Christian ministry. However, homeowners are chosen without regard to race, creed, or nationality - following all the requirements of the law as well as Habitat's belief that God's love extends to all. Habitat also welcomes volunteers from all faiths - or no faith - who actively embrace the goal of eliminating poverty housing from the world. To view our non-proselytizing policy, visit our About page.

What if I don’t qualify for a home?

Habitat collaborates with many community-centric organizations, and may be able to refer you to another organization that can assist with your needs. Habitat can also tell you what you need to do to qualify for a home in the future.


Habitat also advocates for more affordable housing to local governments in Waukesha County's communities.

Does Waukesha County really need a Habitat affiliate?

Yes! Although Waukesha County is a richer county than surrounding areas, this is exactly why there are housing issues in the county. Land and cost of living is more expensive, leaving thousands of low-wage earners struggling to get by.

Okay, I’m sold! How do I help?

Habitat of Waukesha County has a variety of ways for you to volunteer, to participate in events, and to provide financial support. If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, please call our office at 262-309-6025 or email for specific inquiries.


Thank you for your interest in helping your community with Habitat!